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Back to black

My last post has been a few days and I am still really relieved.
I already shipped some stuff, ship some more today and from tomorrow on I will be on holiday. I'm not taking a single lolita garment with me! Normal person holiday, yay!

But I promised I won't stop, so (like I said heh) I ordered the black x navy Silent Moon skirt (Niesje, far away twins! *_*) and just got the confirmation from chibi_tenshi. Yay, I am so excited. I will receive a really huge parcel from her in september I think. She still has my Twighlight Circus Skirt while we wait on the socks and last week I asked her to reserve me those boots from Innocent World:

I wanted some navy boots for a while now but AatP's always were a bit too bright for me and those are perfect and will match my last classic piece, Rinks OP:

They really look like they were made for each other, don't they? *__*

I'm sorry that this is more of a "OMG look what I've bought"-post but I promise you won't see them too often, especially since those will be the last bigger lolita purchases for now. I am planning on getting a black pair of AatP Boots and a black AatP coat for winter, but that's it.

This will be my last post before my 10 days holiday on Sardinia but be prepared, when I come back there will be a give-away! Until then, see you!



I'm sorry that I started this blog in a time like this. English is not my mother tongue but I'll try to explain the best I can.
Some days ago I decided to partially leave lolita. I sold most of my wardrobe.
This is the huge EMS box where evrything I sold is kept now. My closet is almost empty.
I had the feeling lolita put so much pressure on me. I couldn't go shopping without lookin for loliable stuff which ended in not buying anything that wasn't loliable. I started not buying stuff that hat chemical lace, underwear for example. I felt owning brand was a competition. Who has more, who spends more, who gets the best deals. It took me a lot of time to be "good" in all those things and I considered lolita the most important thing in my life.
While I thought this would make me happy, it was not. I was dissatisfied because I never had enough. I spent all my money on brand but ended up not having enough money for regular clothes.
I know so many print names, standart size measurements, how ordering for several brands and online shops oes, washing devices, release years and so on. I put so much time in what I thought made a "good" lolita.

Fuck it. I love lolita but it turned to a selfmade nightmare to me. I didn't like wearing lolita anymore. Since I couldn't justify owning several thousand's euros worth of clothes I sold the majority. All I'm keeping are three AatP skirts, a Miho Matsuda and a Moitie one, my romper and OP, a couple of blouses, all my blazers, cardigangs and socks. I'll buy two pairs of boots and Silent Moon from the money I got from my sales and will get myself a proper winter coat in black. And that'll be it. I am a normal person with a delicate little lolita wardrobe and a lot of free time from now on. I'll have stuff left for three different gothic coords, a pirate coord, a classic coord and a sailor coord. All I need and all I want. I bought a lot of 80's styled clothes this week and spent around 250€ on them. I even bought some books and shoes. None of them are loliable and I love it.

(I won't stop this blog. I still wear lolita. I still check for updates and everything. I will just be a whole lot less obsessed ;D)


AatP's Twighlight Circus

It's here! I've waited for this print several weeks now, torn between the ugly JSK that I've seen on a GLB scan and the name that reminded me of sparkling vampires x)

Hoewever, AatP did not fail to amaze me. I have a little weakness for circus themed stuff and was close to buying AP's Starry Night Theater several times. Now, Twighlight Circus looks exactly like Starry Night Theater with an AatP touch. In other words: this is for me!

The print comes in four colourways:

I love the ivory version, it looks so nostalgic and therefore has a very suiting name: Nostalgic Memory (I love how AatP started giving their colours names *_*) The pink is an unusual tone, not for me but cool.

I wish they'd made the navy colourway less pink ;_; So I decided I like the black version the most. It's also the one that looks most like Starry Night Theater, imo. The only thing that creeps me out a bit is the German sentence on the print. It says "The last bedsheet word in the open room/space" What the...?

Again, this print comes in a variety of cuts and versions!

Those are the two JSKs and while I don't really like the left, I LOVE the right! The bodice is so awesome!

The OP has a little too many ribbons attached for my taste but the collar is the coolest I've seen for a while. And the skirt. As a skirts person, my heart went fast when I saw this. Highwaist, yay! And the buttons are little cards symbols.

Also, AatP has made a bunch of accessoires, a pom pom beret, cuffs, brooches, a necklace, two blouses, and socks for this print and restocked their circus bag.

I particularly liked this chiffon blouse, I think it's a really cool idea to use a layer of chess fabric under the upper layer of chiffon. And the socks. I think they're a bit plain, but fine.

I already contacted my shopping service to get me the skirt and socks in black. I've even sold one of my Vampire Requiems to afford it (and a concert ;D). Also, tomorrow is my birthday so I decided I could spend a bit of money though I don't really have to money for it. Yay for circus themed stuff (I am allergic to animals (like horses and ponies) and hay so I can't go to a circus with animals ;_;)!

So, how do you guys like the print?