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Daily Outfits

After having a really busy time at work for the last weeks I am finally able to meet my friends again.
So I went out yesterday and today to go see my friends.
We didn't do anything useful actually, besides eating. It's like that most of the time, we get frilled up and meet for eating a lot. And chatting, of course :)

So, yesterday! This is what I wore:

Actually I wanted to go for a more ero look but it was windy and cold when I left so I went with a blouse and sheer tights. My skirt ist my beloved Vampire Requiem from Alice and the Pirates. Also I wanted to try out how my Lillie boots looked with a skirt and I actually really like it. Also, surprise, the good old Black Peace Now jacket x)

We went to our favourite cupcake cafe, it's called "Cupcake" n__n
I had a Raspberry Beret cupcake, usually it has a vanilla base but this time it was chocolate. I never manage to eat one of those up.

After that we went to the mall and did some window shopping, I bought some blue hair flowers to match with my moitie stuff.

On sunday we met up again and I decided to wear out my new Moitie stuff finally *_*

I really love the skirt, it has a bustle back with blue lace, unfortunately you can't see it in the picture. Socks and Headdress are also Moitie, Jackets from Black Peace Now (this time two, lol) and the ba is my good old Innocent World bag that I use every day. Also, I got this amazing huge cross necklace at Claire's the other day. I also tried to do a make up shot, sadly I only remembered when I got home, so sorry that it's not really fresh anymore.

We started off with a "Bucket for four" at KFC's and getting completely silly and then went for some ice cream. Afterwards we went to the nearby flea market and took some stupid pictures (that I won't bother you with) and then ended up sitting at McDonald's with milkshakes. When I went home I noticed that my platforms were literally falling apart D:

It's really time to get some new platform shoes D: Any recommendations, guys? If not, I'll just get some from an*tai*na cause that's what I wanted to do anyways.


  1. Sorry that I don't anything constructive to say to your shoe issue, but: You always look so gorgeous *___* And I'm envious of your Alice and the Pirates clothes (though I wouldn't fit into most of it anyways XD) <3

  2. Aww, thank you so much. I love my AatP stuff so much myself, I'm so lucky to fit in most brand stuff <3
    And don't worry about the shoe issue ^^;

  3. I like your style :)
    Too bad that your shoes are broken, good luck with finding new ones

  4. Wow, you really need to buy new platform shoes, I haven't seen such a broken pair!
    I liked both the outfits you are wearing ♥

  5. I love your first shoes! And these two outfits in general.

  6. I love love love your style. It looks classy and so beautiful <3