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AatP's Twighlight Circus

It's here! I've waited for this print several weeks now, torn between the ugly JSK that I've seen on a GLB scan and the name that reminded me of sparkling vampires x)

Hoewever, AatP did not fail to amaze me. I have a little weakness for circus themed stuff and was close to buying AP's Starry Night Theater several times. Now, Twighlight Circus looks exactly like Starry Night Theater with an AatP touch. In other words: this is for me!

The print comes in four colourways:

I love the ivory version, it looks so nostalgic and therefore has a very suiting name: Nostalgic Memory (I love how AatP started giving their colours names *_*) The pink is an unusual tone, not for me but cool.

I wish they'd made the navy colourway less pink ;_; So I decided I like the black version the most. It's also the one that looks most like Starry Night Theater, imo. The only thing that creeps me out a bit is the German sentence on the print. It says "The last bedsheet word in the open room/space" What the...?

Again, this print comes in a variety of cuts and versions!

Those are the two JSKs and while I don't really like the left, I LOVE the right! The bodice is so awesome!

The OP has a little too many ribbons attached for my taste but the collar is the coolest I've seen for a while. And the skirt. As a skirts person, my heart went fast when I saw this. Highwaist, yay! And the buttons are little cards symbols.

Also, AatP has made a bunch of accessoires, a pom pom beret, cuffs, brooches, a necklace, two blouses, and socks for this print and restocked their circus bag.

I particularly liked this chiffon blouse, I think it's a really cool idea to use a layer of chess fabric under the upper layer of chiffon. And the socks. I think they're a bit plain, but fine.

I already contacted my shopping service to get me the skirt and socks in black. I've even sold one of my Vampire Requiems to afford it (and a concert ;D). Also, tomorrow is my birthday so I decided I could spend a bit of money though I don't really have to money for it. Yay for circus themed stuff (I am allergic to animals (like horses and ponies) and hay so I can't go to a circus with animals ;_;)!

So, how do you guys like the print?


  1. I have to say, I'm not too fond of it.
    From the name I thought it would be something that I'd totally fall in love with, but for me it looks... well, too cute I guess?
    I agree on the ivory one, it looks very nostalgic but the other colourways are so... I don't know... colourful? I don't like the whole balloon-y thing (especially on the socks, yuck -.-) and this all-over stuff above the border print. And what were they thinking when writing that sentence on it? XD That totally ruins it for me.
    And I'm also not fond of the dress designs. I like the skirt though.
    Actually I also like circus-themed things but I would have expected something much better from AatP :(
    But I'm sure it will have lots of fans ^^

  2. Wow, i then again love it! Especially the jsk. The op... not so much. But it's not bad either.