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Back to black

My last post has been a few days and I am still really relieved.
I already shipped some stuff, ship some more today and from tomorrow on I will be on holiday. I'm not taking a single lolita garment with me! Normal person holiday, yay!

But I promised I won't stop, so (like I said heh) I ordered the black x navy Silent Moon skirt (Niesje, far away twins! *_*) and just got the confirmation from chibi_tenshi. Yay, I am so excited. I will receive a really huge parcel from her in september I think. She still has my Twighlight Circus Skirt while we wait on the socks and last week I asked her to reserve me those boots from Innocent World:

I wanted some navy boots for a while now but AatP's always were a bit too bright for me and those are perfect and will match my last classic piece, Rinks OP:

They really look like they were made for each other, don't they? *__*

I'm sorry that this is more of a "OMG look what I've bought"-post but I promise you won't see them too often, especially since those will be the last bigger lolita purchases for now. I am planning on getting a black pair of AatP Boots and a black AatP coat for winter, but that's it.

This will be my last post before my 10 days holiday on Sardinia but be prepared, when I come back there will be a give-away! Until then, see you!


  1. Those boots from IW *__*♥ They look so cool!!
    And yay for far away twins! Even though Germany isn't that far away :p But still, twins!
    I'm sure it will look fan-tast-tic!

  2. Oh I love that dress + boot combo, that's super elegant and pretty. ^_^; So glad you're not going to stop, i got the impression you were and you look lovely in lolita so it would be a shame.