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AatP's Night Fairy Fantasia

Yes, this print is not exactly new anymore but still I wanted to write about it. It's really rare for AatP to release so many different cuts and styles for a print nowadays. Many were disappointed of the print because it was really small and busy but I must say I really like it, at least in the navy and teal colourway (the black is with pink and I'm really not fond of that, neither the brown x))

As you can see, the print is Peter Pan themed and I loved that from the start. I actually started to like the idea of the glitter fairy though it really looks out of place in the navy colourway for me (but they added gold trimming to compensate). As a huge pirate and sailor fan I love sailships and therefore the huge boat made me dokidoki *_* And it has compasses. Good job making me love your print, AatP. Since I already have a compass tattooed I'm actually thinking about getting that sailship on my ribcage (some time after my next two tattoos lol).

But let's take a look at the variety of the pieces that were released!

I have to admit, that first JSK is genius. Though there's so much going on there I love the ruffle chiffon they added at the waist and the cut of the upper bodice. It looks really pirate-y though I have to say, navy is definitely the most flattering colourway for this cut. The right JSK is pretty basic from design but I like the little bust panel they added. It really is outstanding in the teal colourway. They also used gold trim 0n this one.

I had set my hopes for this print on the skirt but I was really disappointed when they released it. It's unshirred (which means I can't fit it) and I really dislike the cut. It doesn't look very full and pretty short. What left me with the piece on the right as I am no JSK person. No one knew if it was a salopette or a romper before it came out, on the reserve page it was called coordination and no further explanation was given. So when I received it it was really surprising to find out it really was a romper (that was what I had hoped, so yay!). Of course, I had to move the buttons on the shoulder straps to make it fitting for a tall girl like me but now I am completely satisfied with what I got. I just love this print in navy and it's even more beautiful in real life.

But AatP released a ton of matching stuff for this series and I'm leaving out the jewellery and headbow already:

Alice and the Pirates barely release print bags lately and though this one is not very special from the design I still like it. But even more I'm a fan of the socks and I'm thinking about getting the blue colourway (which luckily is the only one left at their webstore).

When I saw the first blouse coordinated with the first JSK in a GLB I fell in love with it (OMG NAVY). I love the round collar and the neck straps. But when it came out I didn't like it that much anymore. The scan pictures were really oversaturated so the real one looks darker and it's really see-through so nothing for me and all my skirts as I am not fond of wearing something else than my bra under my blouses. It's really not easy with chiffon blouses. The right blouse id nothing special apart from the star lace. It's the same as on my romper and on the first JSK and the skirt as I suspect.

I am so looking forward to their next print. I liked Melty Mermaid Princess but I was really unsure about the colour ways because they only provided their computer graphics for the reservation and no photos of the actual fabric apart from the white x sax sample piece.


  1. I love the socks!
    And I like the black blouse, but I wish that one was navy, and not so see-through as the left blouse.

  2. I love the navy chiffon blouse and the green JSK... it's such an amazing Print! ♥

  3. I admit i am quite in love with chiffon but i swear that blue sheer shirt is one of the most gorgeous short sleeved shirts i have ever seen. it's sparkles!!!!!!!!
    love the series in green and that fist jsk in blue as well.

  4. If I were to make my own version of that print I would make that ship bigger and only on one side of the skirt part of the dress.

    But I still like it as it is