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Moi-meme-Moitie's Silent Moon Series

When Silent Moon was announced, I fell in love at first glimpse

I love that it comes in so many colours and styles, an OP, a long OP, a JSK and a skirt. I go mostly for skirts and I don't really care about the white colourways, so it's like the perfect series for me.

I adore this print and I was close to ordering it but the fact that I've never bought from Moitie directly and don't have stuff to match it, held me from it. Now, after I've seen Niesje's Post on Daily Lolita I regret not getting it. I love the black x blue colourway and I hope I can snatch it some time in the future. I think I will spend my waiting time with completing my first Moitie Coord, I'm currently waiting for a black x blue Headdress and will post pictures soon!


  1. I hope you will get it someday ♥
    I bought the dress via a shopping service.
    I fell in love with as well, when I first saw it ^^

  2. Das ist der einzige MMM Print den ich wirklich gerne hätte. Weil es so London ist <33