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More pictures from yesterday and what to do with hair

I just got some more pictures from our meet yesterday and they look much better than my crappy cell phone pic so here you go:

Haha, my glasses look so weird in this shot.

Our whole group. I just love how none of my local lolita friends is a sweet lolita, so who said there were mostly sweet lolitas everywhere? And yes, I'm afraid the skirt is really that short on me (but I hope it's just the angle) ._.

Moitie elitist bitches! :D Sanja and I both had those huge cross necklaces we had to show off. And startig with this pic you can see I had quite of a hair issue yesterday. It was really windy and though I did kind of a up-do and put hairspray on it nothing wanted to stay in place ;__;

This is a very blurry picture of what my hair looks like atm. I'm trying to grow it so I don't really have a proper haircut, it's more of a maxi bob with frizzy ends. I only trim my bangs every few weeks and get my rrots bleached. My mom cuts my split ends every six or so months so I don't lose that much of a length. My hair grows really fast luckily, a year ago they were chin length, and my ends were cut twice since then so that makes roughly 15 centimeters *_*

I hardly wear my hair open and especially not with lolita because it looks just plain boring to me. So, everytime I get frilled up I think about what to do with my hair. I mainly do ponytails for everyday but whenever I want something special I'm really clueless. I mostly try to curl my hair (but that needs a lot of time, at least an hour or so) or do an up-do with some loose streaks. Here some examples for what I usually come up with:

Those are the curly versions. It really depends on how much time I have and if there's someone to help me because I fail a lot at curling my back hair. So whenever I don't manage to do my full head, I just curl on side and put the other one back and plug everyting together on my back head. That's what you can see on the left and though I really like it, I do it way to often. I like diversity! (Also curls won't stay in my hair when it gets humid or rainy so I can only do this on dry days)

So those are the hairstyles I go with when I either don't want to curl my hair or when it rains. I don't really like the left with all hair put back in a bun, it's so strict and my headshape is weird, it doesn't have any volume. I prefer the right one from all but that's exactly whyt I tried yesterday - in vain. My hair has grown since that picture on the right has been taken, I think that might be the reason.

So, why don't I just get a wig, you might ask. I really don't like wigs in lolita for me. Whenever I get frustrated about my hair I take into consideration but I would want a long curly one in the exact colour of my hair and that's not easy to find in decent quality.

If you thought I would now present you a solution for my problem you're wrong. I don't have one. I want my bangs and I want my length and I also need a lot of hair because I do some modeling every now and then and want to have the possibility to do a lot with my hair. I looked through a lot of GLBs, promotional stuff from lolita brands and didn't really find anything that I would go with. I guess I just need extensions and a curler with multiple functions, phew.

That's it for now, I'm leaving you with some inspirational stuff I'd like to try one day :)


Daily Outfits

After having a really busy time at work for the last weeks I am finally able to meet my friends again.
So I went out yesterday and today to go see my friends.
We didn't do anything useful actually, besides eating. It's like that most of the time, we get frilled up and meet for eating a lot. And chatting, of course :)

So, yesterday! This is what I wore:

Actually I wanted to go for a more ero look but it was windy and cold when I left so I went with a blouse and sheer tights. My skirt ist my beloved Vampire Requiem from Alice and the Pirates. Also I wanted to try out how my Lillie boots looked with a skirt and I actually really like it. Also, surprise, the good old Black Peace Now jacket x)

We went to our favourite cupcake cafe, it's called "Cupcake" n__n
I had a Raspberry Beret cupcake, usually it has a vanilla base but this time it was chocolate. I never manage to eat one of those up.

After that we went to the mall and did some window shopping, I bought some blue hair flowers to match with my moitie stuff.

On sunday we met up again and I decided to wear out my new Moitie stuff finally *_*

I really love the skirt, it has a bustle back with blue lace, unfortunately you can't see it in the picture. Socks and Headdress are also Moitie, Jackets from Black Peace Now (this time two, lol) and the ba is my good old Innocent World bag that I use every day. Also, I got this amazing huge cross necklace at Claire's the other day. I also tried to do a make up shot, sadly I only remembered when I got home, so sorry that it's not really fresh anymore.

We started off with a "Bucket for four" at KFC's and getting completely silly and then went for some ice cream. Afterwards we went to the nearby flea market and took some stupid pictures (that I won't bother you with) and then ended up sitting at McDonald's with milkshakes. When I went home I noticed that my platforms were literally falling apart D:

It's really time to get some new platform shoes D: Any recommendations, guys? If not, I'll just get some from an*tai*na cause that's what I wanted to do anyways.



Today's post will be about a lolita style that never gets enough love: Kodona.

I LOVE Kodona/Boystyle/Ouji/Dandy/Aristocrat styles because I like pants. Before I got in lolita I didn't really wear skirts or dresses and my style was either punkish or slutty. But somehow lolita got me and whenever I feel like lolita but not like a skirt I go with kodona. Sadly, I don't really tend to take pictures of that because those outfits mostly end up pretty basic due to laziness. But recently I encounter to like kodona more and more and even bought a romper from AatP.

Therefore, see my fail kodona coordinates xD

Both of them are from last year, around July/August. As you can see, it was the time where I transferred from sailor to pirate. And I LOVE kodona with short pants. I dunno who it was, but someone commented under a friend's d_l post with "Lolita: when the boys' shorts are shorter than the girls' skirts" This so much!

This is a more recent coordinate with my Night Fairy Fantasia Romper. It's pretty basic, too but you can see that my style has matured over the last year, at least I think so.

Also, I thought I could start making coordinates with stockpics and this is what came out today:

This is why I love Alice and the Pirates so much! Those pants are to die for! And the vampire coat...no more words needed.

I'm a lucky girl, a lot of my close friends like to wear kodona and I always gaze in awe when the pull of their outfits this good. I'd like to show you some examples, especially since they all have completely different body types and it amazes me that kodona can look good on anyone if you know how to pull it off!

Haha, I think they might kick me for posting their pics here but hey, that's life :P

As you can see, Laura isn't exactly skinny but I just love her in kodona. She also wears lolita but more in a sweet way.

Feder's coordinates always are somehow burton-esque and I LOVE that. She wears kodona a lot actually, even for work. When I think of her she even wears kodona in my mind. xD

Kia, the Queen of Slut-Kodona. I've never seen shorter pants on anyone xD
I love her style, it's very unique and always looks so effortless but perfect. And we share our passionate lusting for Alice and the Pirates.

Those three inspire me a lot. I am really tall, the tallest out of my friends so I'm starting to wear more EGA and EGL lately but I think kodona might be a nice variety. I just need some proper shorts x)


Metamorphose Sailor Lolita

I started Lolita because of a Sailor dress that I've seen somewhere on the internet. It was really basic but it made me want to wear something like this. From then on, I loved sailor lolita. I've grown more mature in the last years and moved to pirate but still, I just love sailor. I can't wear it that often because it feels to cute for me but everytime a new sailor series gets released I look at them with the sparkling eyes of a child. This morning Metamorphose released two no, very basic sailor OPs.

They did somethin awesome: they released a highwaisted and a lowaisted version. They come in black, white and antique white. I would've liked a nvy but you can't have everything.
I love the besic design of the dresses, the little ties and the buttoned front. If I still wore sailor lolita with the passion from two years ago I would definitely have to get this. Luckily for my purse, I'm not ;)


AatP's Night Fairy Fantasia

Yes, this print is not exactly new anymore but still I wanted to write about it. It's really rare for AatP to release so many different cuts and styles for a print nowadays. Many were disappointed of the print because it was really small and busy but I must say I really like it, at least in the navy and teal colourway (the black is with pink and I'm really not fond of that, neither the brown x))

As you can see, the print is Peter Pan themed and I loved that from the start. I actually started to like the idea of the glitter fairy though it really looks out of place in the navy colourway for me (but they added gold trimming to compensate). As a huge pirate and sailor fan I love sailships and therefore the huge boat made me dokidoki *_* And it has compasses. Good job making me love your print, AatP. Since I already have a compass tattooed I'm actually thinking about getting that sailship on my ribcage (some time after my next two tattoos lol).

But let's take a look at the variety of the pieces that were released!

I have to admit, that first JSK is genius. Though there's so much going on there I love the ruffle chiffon they added at the waist and the cut of the upper bodice. It looks really pirate-y though I have to say, navy is definitely the most flattering colourway for this cut. The right JSK is pretty basic from design but I like the little bust panel they added. It really is outstanding in the teal colourway. They also used gold trim 0n this one.

I had set my hopes for this print on the skirt but I was really disappointed when they released it. It's unshirred (which means I can't fit it) and I really dislike the cut. It doesn't look very full and pretty short. What left me with the piece on the right as I am no JSK person. No one knew if it was a salopette or a romper before it came out, on the reserve page it was called coordination and no further explanation was given. So when I received it it was really surprising to find out it really was a romper (that was what I had hoped, so yay!). Of course, I had to move the buttons on the shoulder straps to make it fitting for a tall girl like me but now I am completely satisfied with what I got. I just love this print in navy and it's even more beautiful in real life.

But AatP released a ton of matching stuff for this series and I'm leaving out the jewellery and headbow already:

Alice and the Pirates barely release print bags lately and though this one is not very special from the design I still like it. But even more I'm a fan of the socks and I'm thinking about getting the blue colourway (which luckily is the only one left at their webstore).

When I saw the first blouse coordinated with the first JSK in a GLB I fell in love with it (OMG NAVY). I love the round collar and the neck straps. But when it came out I didn't like it that much anymore. The scan pictures were really oversaturated so the real one looks darker and it's really see-through so nothing for me and all my skirts as I am not fond of wearing something else than my bra under my blouses. It's really not easy with chiffon blouses. The right blouse id nothing special apart from the star lace. It's the same as on my romper and on the first JSK and the skirt as I suspect.

I am so looking forward to their next print. I liked Melty Mermaid Princess but I was really unsure about the colour ways because they only provided their computer graphics for the reservation and no photos of the actual fabric apart from the white x sax sample piece.


Pirate Shoes

I've often seen this topic discussed on many boards: how to wear a rather excentric Lolita style without making it look too costumey. Of course, Lolita itself is not the most discreet fashion style, but when it comes to Sailor, Pirate, Guro and the asian Lolita styles like Qi and Wa, it's not easy to make them still look like fashion without losing their recognisability. I often encounter this with the pirate lolita style.

For my first pirate outfit I wore regular budapester ankle boots. It worked, but it did not satisfy me at all.

Since then, my search for pirate lolita shoes started. The first thing I had to detect was: you have a hard time finding those in regular stores. It was nearly impossible, actually. And those costume boots you can buy all over the internet were waaaay to high. I mean, if you're on a sailship you won't wear heels, no? If you still want your pirate lolita to be sexy you could go with shoes like those:

The left pair is not as high as the right one and therefore might be much more comfortable. Also, you can also get them in black as they are from the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa collaboration, which makes them really pricey, sadly. The right ones can be bought an any costume online shop or even amazon for a lot less (but they look more costumey imo).

I'm not saying you can't wear heels with pirate, not at all! I just wouldn't encourage you to wear stiletto heels. You're a pirate, no stripper x)
Best examples come from my beloved Alice and the Pirates, who produce the best shoes out of all brand, if you ask me. I've owned 4 pairs so far and none of them disappointed me. Here you go with some examples of awesome pirate shoes with heels:

The left ones are definitely something to argue about, I think they are awesome!

Those are my favourites. I own the left pair myself and they are the most comfortable pair of heels that I've ever owned. Right before the pair on the right. I bought them on impulse, sadly they turned out too small for me and I couldn't obtain a LL yet. If you ever manage to get your hands on one of those - get them!

I also looked for other shoes that could work with pirate and again, found something from Vivienne Westwood (and an offbrand pair that you can find one ebay):

I like both of them. They don't scream pirate but could easily be worked in a coordinate, the right ones might fit an elegant style pretty good.

Now, on to my absolute favourite pair of pirate boots. I own them myself and I am the luckiest person ever that I could find them (though a size bigger would be better, mine are a bit tight -_-).
Tadaaa, AatP's Justin Boots!

I love them dearly! Those are the most amazing boots ever and though you couldn't wear them for anything else than pirate (at least I have no idea how) I don't even care. They are very light and soft, i was really surprised when I tried them on the first time.

And, what I recently found at Innocent World made me super excited. They actually released a very classic pair of pirate shoes.

I think they look just like Captain Hook's or the ones Alice from AatP is wearing on their older print illustrations. I was really thinking about getting them but after I've heard some negative stories about IW's shoes I'm hesistant and think about rather saving my money for AatP's winter shoes collection *_*

Daily Outfit

Yay, weekend is over, so back to blogging!
I went to see the final Harry Potter movie last thursday, but I wore my Gryffindor uniform and that's nothing I'm going to bother you guys with. But, I went again on friday and decided to wear Gryffindor Lolita for this occasion.

I'm really sorry that the picture is so dark and blurry but it was already dawn when I left and I didn't have any better light :( Thus I took a detail shot so you can see my accessories better.

Still blurry, but you can see that I wore my Gryffindor tie, a chandelier and an owl necklace, my fabulous Q-Pot castle pin and a Hogwarts pin. On the flowers in my hair I attached a Gryffindor pin but I didn't take an extra picture of that.

The skirt is from Miho Matsuda and one of my favourite pieces since it has little bats on it. The blouse is from Moi-meme-Moitie and I picked it because it is the only one one with kind of a peter pan collar. All my other blouses have high collars and that won't work with a tie. The Jacket is from Black Peace now and it's the same like in the last post. I told you I adore it x) (Also I wore my red Ergi socks but it's too dark to see them)