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Pirate Shoes

I've often seen this topic discussed on many boards: how to wear a rather excentric Lolita style without making it look too costumey. Of course, Lolita itself is not the most discreet fashion style, but when it comes to Sailor, Pirate, Guro and the asian Lolita styles like Qi and Wa, it's not easy to make them still look like fashion without losing their recognisability. I often encounter this with the pirate lolita style.

For my first pirate outfit I wore regular budapester ankle boots. It worked, but it did not satisfy me at all.

Since then, my search for pirate lolita shoes started. The first thing I had to detect was: you have a hard time finding those in regular stores. It was nearly impossible, actually. And those costume boots you can buy all over the internet were waaaay to high. I mean, if you're on a sailship you won't wear heels, no? If you still want your pirate lolita to be sexy you could go with shoes like those:

The left pair is not as high as the right one and therefore might be much more comfortable. Also, you can also get them in black as they are from the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa collaboration, which makes them really pricey, sadly. The right ones can be bought an any costume online shop or even amazon for a lot less (but they look more costumey imo).

I'm not saying you can't wear heels with pirate, not at all! I just wouldn't encourage you to wear stiletto heels. You're a pirate, no stripper x)
Best examples come from my beloved Alice and the Pirates, who produce the best shoes out of all brand, if you ask me. I've owned 4 pairs so far and none of them disappointed me. Here you go with some examples of awesome pirate shoes with heels:

The left ones are definitely something to argue about, I think they are awesome!

Those are my favourites. I own the left pair myself and they are the most comfortable pair of heels that I've ever owned. Right before the pair on the right. I bought them on impulse, sadly they turned out too small for me and I couldn't obtain a LL yet. If you ever manage to get your hands on one of those - get them!

I also looked for other shoes that could work with pirate and again, found something from Vivienne Westwood (and an offbrand pair that you can find one ebay):

I like both of them. They don't scream pirate but could easily be worked in a coordinate, the right ones might fit an elegant style pretty good.

Now, on to my absolute favourite pair of pirate boots. I own them myself and I am the luckiest person ever that I could find them (though a size bigger would be better, mine are a bit tight -_-).
Tadaaa, AatP's Justin Boots!

I love them dearly! Those are the most amazing boots ever and though you couldn't wear them for anything else than pirate (at least I have no idea how) I don't even care. They are very light and soft, i was really surprised when I tried them on the first time.

And, what I recently found at Innocent World made me super excited. They actually released a very classic pair of pirate shoes.

I think they look just like Captain Hook's or the ones Alice from AatP is wearing on their older print illustrations. I was really thinking about getting them but after I've heard some negative stories about IW's shoes I'm hesistant and think about rather saving my money for AatP's winter shoes collection *_*