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Today's post will be about a lolita style that never gets enough love: Kodona.

I LOVE Kodona/Boystyle/Ouji/Dandy/Aristocrat styles because I like pants. Before I got in lolita I didn't really wear skirts or dresses and my style was either punkish or slutty. But somehow lolita got me and whenever I feel like lolita but not like a skirt I go with kodona. Sadly, I don't really tend to take pictures of that because those outfits mostly end up pretty basic due to laziness. But recently I encounter to like kodona more and more and even bought a romper from AatP.

Therefore, see my fail kodona coordinates xD

Both of them are from last year, around July/August. As you can see, it was the time where I transferred from sailor to pirate. And I LOVE kodona with short pants. I dunno who it was, but someone commented under a friend's d_l post with "Lolita: when the boys' shorts are shorter than the girls' skirts" This so much!

This is a more recent coordinate with my Night Fairy Fantasia Romper. It's pretty basic, too but you can see that my style has matured over the last year, at least I think so.

Also, I thought I could start making coordinates with stockpics and this is what came out today:

This is why I love Alice and the Pirates so much! Those pants are to die for! And the vampire coat...no more words needed.

I'm a lucky girl, a lot of my close friends like to wear kodona and I always gaze in awe when the pull of their outfits this good. I'd like to show you some examples, especially since they all have completely different body types and it amazes me that kodona can look good on anyone if you know how to pull it off!

Haha, I think they might kick me for posting their pics here but hey, that's life :P

As you can see, Laura isn't exactly skinny but I just love her in kodona. She also wears lolita but more in a sweet way.

Feder's coordinates always are somehow burton-esque and I LOVE that. She wears kodona a lot actually, even for work. When I think of her she even wears kodona in my mind. xD

Kia, the Queen of Slut-Kodona. I've never seen shorter pants on anyone xD
I love her style, it's very unique and always looks so effortless but perfect. And we share our passionate lusting for Alice and the Pirates.

Those three inspire me a lot. I am really tall, the tallest out of my friends so I'm starting to wear more EGA and EGL lately but I think kodona might be a nice variety. I just need some proper shorts x)


  1. Aww~, danke für die Blumen *v*
    Ich sollte mal wieder Kodona tragen, aber ich hab (wie immer) so wenig Zeug und ständig das gleiche tragen ist ja auch kacke >_<

    Und was heißt fail-Kodona-Versuch? XD Ich mochte das Pirate-Outfit voll!

  2. Ich bin total dafür! *O*

    Fail weil ich Bloomers anhatte anstelle von Hosen und immer alles so impro ist XD

  3. Kodona really needs more love! ♥
    I love the style, I wish I could pull that style off ^^ Maybe I will try it out someday.

  4. It's a shame that we don't see lots of information about kodona as we see about lolita, right? I never wore kodona but I think that's a really cute style and probably more comfortable than lolita with all that layers XD
    Btw, I love your blog <3

  5. The people you posted on this are all very very beautiful at dressing Kodona! <3

    For myself I always have the feeling I look to womanish to wear Kodona, but I love to see it on other people. You all look great!

  6. "Queen of Slut-Kodona" XDDDDDDDD Gott was für spitznamen werde ich denn noch alles bekommen XDDDDDDDDD????

    i need more kodöner-sachen ;A; (ein hoch auf newyorker, dass es da soviel kodona-zeugs gibt im moment *_*;)