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More pictures from yesterday and what to do with hair

I just got some more pictures from our meet yesterday and they look much better than my crappy cell phone pic so here you go:

Haha, my glasses look so weird in this shot.

Our whole group. I just love how none of my local lolita friends is a sweet lolita, so who said there were mostly sweet lolitas everywhere? And yes, I'm afraid the skirt is really that short on me (but I hope it's just the angle) ._.

Moitie elitist bitches! :D Sanja and I both had those huge cross necklaces we had to show off. And startig with this pic you can see I had quite of a hair issue yesterday. It was really windy and though I did kind of a up-do and put hairspray on it nothing wanted to stay in place ;__;

This is a very blurry picture of what my hair looks like atm. I'm trying to grow it so I don't really have a proper haircut, it's more of a maxi bob with frizzy ends. I only trim my bangs every few weeks and get my rrots bleached. My mom cuts my split ends every six or so months so I don't lose that much of a length. My hair grows really fast luckily, a year ago they were chin length, and my ends were cut twice since then so that makes roughly 15 centimeters *_*

I hardly wear my hair open and especially not with lolita because it looks just plain boring to me. So, everytime I get frilled up I think about what to do with my hair. I mainly do ponytails for everyday but whenever I want something special I'm really clueless. I mostly try to curl my hair (but that needs a lot of time, at least an hour or so) or do an up-do with some loose streaks. Here some examples for what I usually come up with:

Those are the curly versions. It really depends on how much time I have and if there's someone to help me because I fail a lot at curling my back hair. So whenever I don't manage to do my full head, I just curl on side and put the other one back and plug everyting together on my back head. That's what you can see on the left and though I really like it, I do it way to often. I like diversity! (Also curls won't stay in my hair when it gets humid or rainy so I can only do this on dry days)

So those are the hairstyles I go with when I either don't want to curl my hair or when it rains. I don't really like the left with all hair put back in a bun, it's so strict and my headshape is weird, it doesn't have any volume. I prefer the right one from all but that's exactly whyt I tried yesterday - in vain. My hair has grown since that picture on the right has been taken, I think that might be the reason.

So, why don't I just get a wig, you might ask. I really don't like wigs in lolita for me. Whenever I get frustrated about my hair I take into consideration but I would want a long curly one in the exact colour of my hair and that's not easy to find in decent quality.

If you thought I would now present you a solution for my problem you're wrong. I don't have one. I want my bangs and I want my length and I also need a lot of hair because I do some modeling every now and then and want to have the possibility to do a lot with my hair. I looked through a lot of GLBs, promotional stuff from lolita brands and didn't really find anything that I would go with. I guess I just need extensions and a curler with multiple functions, phew.

That's it for now, I'm leaving you with some inspirational stuff I'd like to try one day :)

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  1. That headdress is so gorgeos..
    You look amazing!
    My hair grows pretty fast as well, it was even shorted than the chin and that has been a year ago now as well. So lucky ^^