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Daily Outfit

Yay, weekend is over, so back to blogging!
I went to see the final Harry Potter movie last thursday, but I wore my Gryffindor uniform and that's nothing I'm going to bother you guys with. But, I went again on friday and decided to wear Gryffindor Lolita for this occasion.

I'm really sorry that the picture is so dark and blurry but it was already dawn when I left and I didn't have any better light :( Thus I took a detail shot so you can see my accessories better.

Still blurry, but you can see that I wore my Gryffindor tie, a chandelier and an owl necklace, my fabulous Q-Pot castle pin and a Hogwarts pin. On the flowers in my hair I attached a Gryffindor pin but I didn't take an extra picture of that.

The skirt is from Miho Matsuda and one of my favourite pieces since it has little bats on it. The blouse is from Moi-meme-Moitie and I picked it because it is the only one one with kind of a peter pan collar. All my other blouses have high collars and that won't work with a tie. The Jacket is from Black Peace now and it's the same like in the last post. I told you I adore it x) (Also I wore my red Ergi socks but it's too dark to see them)


  1. I like the outfit!
    I also want a hogwarts pin ^^
    What did you think of the movie?

  2. I got the pin along with one of my DVD boxes ^^;

    I loved the film and I cried a lot because I'm a huge fan and I love Snape, he's my favourite character. ;_;