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Daily Outfit

Though my Facebook friends might want to skip this section, I decided to regularly post outfits here. I only make d_l posts when I have collected a bunch of outfits and those can also be easily missed. And to complete everything I'm talking about in here, I thought sharing my outfits would do well.

So on, this is what I'm wearing today:

Outfit rundown: Skirt is Alice and the Pirates, the Blouse is that fabulous new Dear Celine Chiffon Blouse and the Jacket is a velvet Black peace Now one that I absolutely adore.
I love BPN for Jackets, they fit me like a glove and always add that little extra to an outfit.

I've onwed evey over Masquerade Theater version in navy before. First I bought the JSK but though it did fit, the bodice was cut way too narrow for me so it looked really weird. I sold it and bought the OP, which fit pretty nicely (and I looooved all the chiffon on this piece) but the sleeves were so tight I could barely move, even after altering it. So, I sold it again and purchaed the skirt. I think I am fine with this now. I love the print so much with all the huge chandeliers on it and the roses and angels and ornaments! I'm just a skirt person, I guess, heh.


  1. This print is so lovely, and it looks good on you ♥
    Funny to hear your a skirt person, I'm more of a JSK person ^^

  2. The skirt is just perfect!

    Wonderful outfit!