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Welcome dear readers.

This is supposed to be my new lolita blog. Before I've only been blogging about my personal life via Livejournal but I decided to start a Lolita Blog. My motivation is based on the fact that a lot of people tend to ask me when they have any lolita related questions. I have quite an obsession when it comes to remembering print names and release dates, sizes and prices. So I hope to share my obsession on here with you guys.

I am a nearly 24-year-old girl from the capital of Germany (therefore please excuse any mistakes I make as english is not my native language). I live with my boyfriend and two cats and a wardrobe full of Alice and the Pirates. Besides that, I work for a TV production company and love to model and cosplay. And yes, I detected Lolita because I had friends in the anime/manga/visual kei scene. Though I can't find a liking for any kind of japanese music, I love the clothing and after wearing j-punk inspired clothing for a time, I finally found to Lolita three years ago. It is modest, pretty and feminine and still you look different from anyone else. What had been my ripped pants and heavy belts and boots are now my frills and lace.
My favourite brands are Alice and the Pirates, Moi-meme-Moitie, Innocent World and Black Peace Now. I wear mostly casual because I wear Lolita on a daily base for work, but whenever I dress up, I love gothic, pirate, retro and aristocrat styles, on cute days even sailor.

If you are a sweet lolita and into Angelic Pretty, I'm afraid you won't have a lot of fun with this blog as this won't be anything I'll blog about. However, if you like dark colours, classic styles, bats and caskets and don't take yourself and Lolita too serious you might be just right.

I hope you guys will stay with me.

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