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Metamorphose Sailor Lolita

I started Lolita because of a Sailor dress that I've seen somewhere on the internet. It was really basic but it made me want to wear something like this. From then on, I loved sailor lolita. I've grown more mature in the last years and moved to pirate but still, I just love sailor. I can't wear it that often because it feels to cute for me but everytime a new sailor series gets released I look at them with the sparkling eyes of a child. This morning Metamorphose released two no, very basic sailor OPs.

They did somethin awesome: they released a highwaisted and a lowaisted version. They come in black, white and antique white. I would've liked a nvy but you can't have everything.
I love the besic design of the dresses, the little ties and the buttoned front. If I still wore sailor lolita with the passion from two years ago I would definitely have to get this. Luckily for my purse, I'm not ;)

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