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Acanthus - New IW Series

Though I usually prefer Moi-meme-Moitie or Alice and the Pirates' darker prints for gothic coordinates, Innocent World's new Acanthus line totally caught my attention.

Of course, I can't really use the chocolate colour but flocky prints are a must for me and luckily, this time IW did not disappoint me and made a black version, too.

Sad thing is, it will be coming out in early August and though it'll be my birthday I'm afraid I won't have the money for it before middle of August. But I hope it won't be sold out then.
I just love high waist skirts! It also comes as a JSK, a tote bag, a mirror (sadly not in black otherwise I definitely would've gotten it) , a matching pair of socks and a clear file. This is a must-have!


  1. This Skirt is fuckin' awesome *__* <3

  2. Wow, this print looks lovely!
    I wouldn't mind owning the black version ^^